Technological marketing solutions that impact people and achieve results

Technological marketing solutions

Digital Campaigns

Campaign Dynamics

We develop creative digital campaigns, aimed at achieving your brand objectives. We build intense experiences and use new mechanics to touch consumers' hearts on multi-platforms.


We’ll make your brand talk with your consumers where ever they are 24/7/365. Chatbots are a fun, interactive and powerful form of engaging efficiently with your consumers. Shall we get an update?

Promotional Tools


Millennials are not the only ones who love digital coupons… Create the perfect Brand Trail and increase your brand’s sales by converting millions of consumers. Depending on your campaign goals, we distribute printable coupons to your consumers or make them available on their smartphones, website or social media. Admit it! You enjoy a good “flirt” too.

Coupon Management

Leave your coupons in good hands. Whether retail or Pharmacy, you and your consumers are always on our mind. We offer the only solution in the market that collects, processes, reports and resolves all of the hassles that come with coupons - with a coffee to go!


Do you trust your product? Then we have nothing to lose. Cashback allows you to offer promotions without affecting the price of your product because the “discount” to consumers is made after the purchase. Don’t wait for a third party to implement your plan, increase your herd through trial – the famous “try it for free”. Are you ready to warm up your relationships?

Drop Mail

Do you want to host a party at your consumer’s house? You don’t need a guest-list here, you can just come in, look around and sell. If you want to host a huge party this is the perfect tool to show what your brand is worth.

Unique Codes

Prepare your brand to interact with consumers in the 21st century with our laser beams. Nothing is impossible with them, they are the most practical form of reaching success in your next campaign. Directly on your product’s packaging or distributed in a creative fashion. We issue, integrate and validate unequivocally what the world’s best brands expect to be built into their campaigns through the power of our unique codes.

Team Motivation

Campaign Incentives

Do your consumers only have eyes for your brand? That’s not utopic. We take loyalty to heart. We help you build strategies focused on the consumer to encourage purchasing and repurchasing based on the strength of a relationship and we score points by doing so.

Gamificação by Enneaplay

Playing is the best way to learn, right? Engage those around you with a fun learning experience. Using a motivational and training Mobile solution with gaming dynamics to accelerate behaviour or boost your business.

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