Integrated Policy

Integrated Policy for Ethics, Quality, Environment and Safety 

The Integrated Policy for Ethics, Quality, Environment and Safety drives and guides  all of PACSIS’ activities.

In its commitment toward Quality, Environment, Workplace Safety and Social Responsibility, the company’s aims to go beyond what is determined by law, therefore the company promotes and raises employee awareness through training and other forms of action which seek to continuously improve the system, and undertakes to develop its corporate ethics and social environment with clients on a daily basis with ambition, responsibility and respect.

Objectives and Commitments:

·  Add greater value to its clients’ and other partners’ organizations by providing a high-quality service;

·  Ensure client and consumer recognition and satisfaction;

·  Foster mutual respect and defend equal rights in the workplace without discrimination and differentiation based on ethnicity, creed or sex and abolish all child labour;

·  Promote the safety, health and wellbeing of employees by developing awareness, training and prevention campaigns, and contributing towards greater productivity, efficiency, motivation and quality of the services provided;

·  Train, inform and raise awareness amongst employees regarding their responsibility to care for their own safety and that of their co-workers as well as for the Environment and Quality of the duties they perform and that they must always act conscientiously, ethically and responsibly;

·  Promote the use of good environmental management practices. Specifically, to carefully manage waste and give priority to reduction or reutilization/repurposing and recycling;

·  Promote environmental protection through pollution prevention and by reducing of use of natural resources;

·  Stimulate supplier performance and seek stable long-lasting relationships based on mutual trust;

·  Encourage continuous improvement by assessing performance of implemented practices and setting and reassessing established objectives;

·  Comply with legislation and reference norms and other compliance obligations under the scope of workplace Quality, Environment and Health;

·  Interact with the communities in which it is present and contribute towards its wellbeing and foster, promote or praise volunteering and/or humanitarian initiatives;

  • Guarantee investments which secure increased efficiency and continuous improvement  of the activities carried out by PACSIS and to contribute towards the company’s economic and financial competitiveness, success sustainability;

  • Ensure compliance with the rules and regulations in effect with respect to privacy rights.

PACSIS aspires to and believes that all its employees, partners, suppliers and other interested parties consider this culture of Quality, Environment and Safety at Work and Social Responsibility a priority and a basic principle within the scope of their duties and in the performance of their activities, thus contributing, together, to a sustainable development that benefits all.