Exchange Your Dental Sensitivity for prizes!

Sensodyne wants to help you in alleviating tooth sensitivity and, for that, launched the Chatbot Sensodyne campaign in which you can exchange your tooth sensitivity for prizes.

From March 15th to July 14th, you only have to access the Sensodyne Portugal facebook page, enter the Chatbot Sensodyne, through the Facebook messenger, and participate.

By purchasing Sensodyne products and sending photos of your purchase vouchers, you earn points that you can exchange for prizes. In addition, you can also accumulate points in other ways, such as sending photos, inviting friends to participate in the campaign and also through several Quiz Challenges and Extra Challenges.

There are many prizes available, such as experiences, cinema tickets, vouchers and trips!

PACSIS developed this campaign, proposing the Chatbot Sensodyne solution to GlaxoSmithKline to expand the brand awareness. This action consists of a fun, interactive and dynamic campaign that facilitates the participation process and allows you to reach a younger target.

“Chatbots have come to revolutionize the way people and brands relate. They are a great means of entertainment that allows you to reach a society of fast consumption and, when used with creativity, they are an asset in winning new customers. Chatbot Sensodyne is available until July 14th and brings the brand closer to the consumer. ” – says Clara Pais, Brand Manager Sensodyne.