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Bebé D’Aveia Contest 2021

The D’AVEIA brand has just launched the 2021 edition of the Bebé D’AVEIA contest (D’AVEIA Baby Contest), dedicated to all new daddies and moms and this time with the help of Pacsis.

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Loyalty Platform

By involving your brand ambassadors through gamification tools, it promotes the loyalty, notoriety and value of your brand in the mindset of each consumer.

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CEETRUS Portugal challenged us to change an offline draw process that took place in all Alegro Shopping Centers during the Christmas season. PACSIS loved the idea and replaced the Wheel of Luck that existed physically with a digital and super fun dynamic.

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Save the planet with Iberdrola

The defense of the environment is an issue that increasingly concerns us all. And for that reason, Iberdrola joined Auchan and, hand in hand, tried to combine the preservation of the environment with savings … fantastic isn’t it?

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